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"Mental Health Double Header" fundraising

Today is both World Mental Health Day and the release day for our 2-track CD. If you add the songs to a playlist on Spotify, we’ll donate an extra dollar* to mental illness awareness charities. Please share! Please email it to friends who aren’t active on Social Media!

Spotify URL https://open.spotify.com/album/0DrL3vOOFiDwOWKz2A1OF1?si=UE1KcDZ3RN68Ehlq_bFNzg

Not on Spotify? Buy it on Bandcamp or iTunes, or stream it on Apple Music. If your favourite music service isn’t listed on the release page, please search for it in their app and email us the link! You can also send us money to add to our own donation. (We are also donating streaming revenue, but remember we get less than a penny each time you stream a track on the big music services.)

Mental Health Double Header Cover Art sml
* maximim $200