Margo: Folk Punk Redhead Drama Queen with a big heart who will steal yours, on temporary medical leave.

Sean 1: Lover of all ska and punk, musicologist at heart, part time sound guy, plays a black sax.

John 1: Arranger / composer, has a plastic trombone. Promoter of the “heavy drinking dance party horn band” ideology. Skis a lot. Give him enough booze and he might even sing.

Dana: Former pro musician/RCMP. Now sells guns. On the baritone saxophonebass trombone, ladies and gentleman, the sweetest arranger you’ll ever meet, with the nicest fonts.

Ron: Surfing the lines between classic rock, jazz, and full on brass party percussion street music. Hard or soft, does it all.

Davin: Spends most of his time at music festivals, or visiting Croatia. Full on kit drums or hand percussion jamming, he stands between the rhythm and horns spiritually and literally.

Kevin: Cut his teeth in salsa bands, theatre, and the Wednesday Night Big Band, where Marco overheard him singing. Trumpet and vocals, but rarely at the same time!

They’re the youngest and newest member of the band with the emotionally powerful vocal styles that will knock your heart sideways if you listen carefully.


Sean 2:
This is the guy you want your daughter to marry. All cool trumpet playing redhead with the youthful good looks. Skis a lot. Went on his own special European Vacation before hitting the books hard at UofC.

Peter: Physicist. Really. Helped us out after his long trip to Asia. Buy him some drinks and see if he’ll spill the backstory.

John 2: Practices so much he can hit high notes on a trombone. Your new beer buddy and ski opportunist.

Derek: Oh boy. He’s the guy who teaches your kids how to play music for real when they graduate from high school. A pro musician. Hangs out on tuba because, hey, what’s more fun than drinking beer and playing tuba! If you want the full-on traditional New Orlean’s style sound, ask for Derek!

Keith: Lover of all things musical. Keeps us together from the drums. Always listening and learning, and looking for the next big score.

Michael: Young prodigy with a fantastic pedigree. How do these young kids get so good? Keep your daughters away, his sweet innocent looks will fool them even if they don’t fool you. Michael is off to the amazing Berklee School of Music, we’ll get him back during school breaks. UPDATE: MICHAEL IS BACK FOR THE SUMMER

Stephen: He’s just a kid, but boy does he practice a lot! Filling in on the busking gigs on tenor, in another year he’ll be able to play the bar gigs.

Bryan: Sweet-ass drummer with chops honed playing that jazz stuff. Has a wine collection with more than a dozen bottles, but still enjoys a beer.

Michael: Young prodigy with a fantastic pedigree. Michael is back from the amazing Berklee School of Music, but just for the summer so treat yourself to his sweet beats before he disappears again in August.

Aleks: Legitimizes our ethnic vibe, he’s from the Balkans. Works with Sean1 and Sean2 at the store that sells all the cool outdoor stuff. We knew we wanted him as soon as we heard he had a “street kit”. Welcome Aleks, if you’re viewing this page send us more bio info!

Marco: Just off the boat, welcome him to Canada. Boy they play nice trumpet in The Netherlands, they must fund their schools properly or something.