Free admission to anyone who can video a whole song on their smartphone!

PEOPLE! It looks like we can record our show at ContainR on Thursday 27th August. We’ll mic everyone and run it through our fancy sound board that records it to the computer.

Remember it’s Pay What You Can cover charge but we’re pleased to offer 100% Free Admission to anyone who records a video of an entire song and then sends it to us using Dropbox or whatever system we’ll figure out later. We should have that smokey beautiful orange light as the sun sets on the band.... dreamy! Bring any props that you have, especially dancing children, dogs, or old people in wheel chairs -- music videos are so much better with dancing kids, dogs, and old people.

PS hold your phone sideways. If you send us a video in portrait, it doesn’t count. And, please try to record a whole song, not a snippet -- editing is easier after. Record the whole show if you want, we’d love it. Don’t worry about talking, audience singing, or sound: we’ll swap in the other audio track.

More than one person recording the same song is definitely encouraged.

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